[Graphic News] US is top destination for asylum seekers in OECD

The US received more requests for asylum than any other developed nation in 2017, overtaking Germany, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Requests for asylum we...

Updated : 2018.06.26 17:55

[Graphic News] Japan lags behind others in cashless wave

Cashless payments are rapidly becoming more commonplace, raising hopes for innovations linked to various new services. Japan, however, has fallen behind the cashless wave that is sweeping the world....

Updated : 2018.06.25 18:01

[Graphic News] S. Korean auto brands beat Japanese, German rivals in US quality ranking

Three South Korean vehicle brands, all belonging to Hyundai Motor Group, surpassed their Japanese and German rivals in a United States quality ranking. Hyundai luxury brand Genesis, Kia and Hyunda...

Updated : 2018.06.24 18:07

[Graphic News] Abuse cases against seniors on the rise

The number of seniors being abused has increased in recent years, with most perpetrators being their own family members, a government report showed. According to the annual report by the Ministry ...

Updated : 2018.06.21 18:37

[Graphic News] No. of deaths in bicycle accidents rises 11.5%

The number of people killed in bicycle accidents here last year rose 11.5 percent from a year ago, apparently due to an increasing number of elderly cyclists and riders not wearing protective gear. ...

Updated : 2018.06.20 18:27

[Graphic News] Sales of books on N. Korea jump

Sales of books on North Korea so far this year have jumped by nearly 700 percent from the previous year, possibly as a result of the North’s dialogue with Seoul and Washington, according to Yes 24,...

Updated : 2018.06.19 17:56

[Graphic News] Stars to look out for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Here is a look at the top soccer players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Updated : 2018.06.18 18:03

[Graphic News] South Korea is ranked 57 in FIFA World Cup rankings

As the FIFA World Cup started in Russia last week, here is how Asia- Pacific countries are ranked by the global football body. On the global ranking, Australia is the only country from the Asia-Pa...

Updated : 2018.06.17 17:45

[Graphic News] World Cup champions

Brazil has been the most successful at the FIFA World Cup over the years, with five wins, followed by Germany and Italy with four wins each. Brazil has also made it to the list of final 32 teams 21 ...

Updated : 2018.06.14 17:48

[Graphic News] Historic handshakes between world leaders

US and North Korea: Trump-Kim (2018) US President Donald Trump’s handshake with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday marked a historic moment -- the first meeting ever betwee...

Updated : 2018.06.13 17:48

[Graphic News] Who joined Trump, Kim at summit table?

The first session of the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was joined by only the two leaders’ respective translators, but they were joined by their aides...

Updated : 2018.06.12 18:18

[Graphic News] Seoul tops other cities in terms of carbon emissions

Seoul has been identified as the world’s No. 1 city in terms of carbon emissions, or carbon footprint, but the world’s 200th measured per capita, a Norwegian study said. According to the survey ...

Updated : 2018.06.11 18:04

[Graphic News] Qatar Airways named world’s best airline

Qatar Airways was named the best airline globally in 2018, followed by German carrier Lufthansa and United Arab Emirates’ national carrier Etihad Airways, according to AirHelp. Overall rankings a...

Updated : 2018.06.10 18:07

[Graphic News] GDP growth projection for Asia 2018

India is expected to be the fastest growing economy in Asia at 7.3 percent growth in 2018, according to the World Bank. Boasting one of the world’s youngest workforce, India is projected to be th...

Updated : 2018.06.07 18:03

[Graphic News] The deadliest volcanic eruptions of the past 25 years

After Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted on Monday killing at least 65 people, here is a list of the most deadly volcanic eruptions over the last quarter century.

Updated : 2018.06.06 18:00