[Graphic News] China boosts land purchases in Korea

Chinese investors are buying more and more stocks, bonds and real estate in South Korea. According to government officials, Chinese investors purchased a total of 1.08 million square meters of land w...

Updated : 2013.08.06 20:57

[Graphic News] Singers earn more than other celebrities

According to a report submitted by the National Tax Service to Rep. An Min-suk, singers, earning 52.55 million won ($46,700) last year, topped the list of average incomes among celebrities. Actors an...

Updated : 2013.08.05 20:28

[Graphic News] No. of unused credit cards reaches 23 million

According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the number of unused credit cards in Korea was 23.1 million as of last month. The number has been dropping at a slow pace since early this year. It was...

Updated : 2013.08.04 21:23

[Graphic News] University student numbers fall

The Ministry of Education will roll out a series of measures to strengthen provincial universities and address a decrease in the number of students. As part of the plans, the government will increase...

Updated : 2013.08.01 20:44

[Graphic News] Banking groups’ net profits

The financial soundness of the nation’s major banking groups is expected to reach its lowest since the 2008 global financial crisis. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the combined net ...

Updated : 2013.07.31 19:14

[Graphic News] Aid to North Korea

South Korea on Monday approved planned shipments of humanitarian aid for the North. Five civic groups were allowed to send medicine, food and clothes worth 1.47 billion won ($1.25 million) to aid chi...

Updated : 2013.07.30 20:49

[Graphic News] Korea has priciest phones

According to Strategy Analytics, South Korea’s average sale price for mobile phones was $415 per handset last year, becoming the most expensive in the world. It attributed the high price to the high...

Updated : 2013.07.29 19:46

[Graphic News] Smartphone use among school students

6.28 million students in 11,410 schools surveyed from June 28 to July 8

Updated : 2013.07.28 20:36

[Graphic News] Fortune 500 companies

The number of companies from the U.S., Japan and Germany on the Fortune 500 list has been decreasing while more and more Chinese firms have made the list. Meanwhile 14 Korean companies including Sam...

Updated : 2013.07.25 20:35

[Graphic News] Fertility rate forecast

The total fertility rate is the average number of children that would be born to a woman during her lifetime.

Updated : 2013.07.24 20:45

[Graphic News] Lotto winnings remain unclaimed

According to data released by the Korea Lottery Commission, unclaimed lottery prize money from 2009 to July 15 in 2013 amounted to 178 billion won. The fifth prize of 5,000 won took up about 61 perce...

Updated : 2013.07.23 20:33

[Graphic News] Hallyu earnings rocket

Thanks to a surge in exports of hallyu-related products, Korean entertainment-related firms including filmmakers, broadcasters and game makers earned about $800 million in royalties from foreign firm...

Updated : 2013.07.22 20:38

[Graphic News] Korea’s contribution to cost of USFK upkeep

South Korea and the United States will hold a second round of talks in Seoul on Wednesday and Thursday to renew a cost-sharing agreement for American troops stationed here.

Updated : 2013.07.21 19:51

[Graphic News] Summer food and beverage prices

According to Statistics Korea, food and beverage prices surged 1.6 percent in June from a year earlier, outpacing the 1.0 percent increase in overall consumer prices. Officials speculate that the ext...

Updated : 2013.07.18 20:16

[Graphic News] Korea’s producer prices continue to fall

According to the Bank of Korea, the producer price index, a barometer of future consumer inflation, edged down 1.4 percent from a year earlier mainly due to a drop in farm and fisheries production. I...

Updated : 2013.07.17 20:24