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Intelligence-Driven Innovation, Green Technology for the Future! Pre-Registration for the 30th GILF Opens with 8 Highlights Expected


Published : Nov. 28, 2023 - 15:11

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ZHONGSHAN, China, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Meet thousands of businessmen at the origin in Spring. The China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair ("GILF") was held in 1999 in the form of "Roadside Exhibition", and its frequency has gradually increased from annual to twice a year. Now, the GILF has developed into a specialized, market-oriented, and international large-scale event, setting a new benchmark for lighting exhibitions in China and continuously injecting power for the high-quality development of Zhongshan and the industry.

The 30th GILF will unfold its splendor and allure in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong from March 18 to 21, 2024.

A town-wide exhibition with over 3,300 enterprises vying to outshine one another

Backed by Guzhen's 100-billion-yuan lighting industry, the GILF will pool the manufacturing, trading, and design resources that make Guzhen a lighting capital. The main venue, the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, will be joined by the Lihe Lighting Expo Center, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center, Lighting Era Center, Guzhen Chang'an Lighting Parts & Electronic City, Caosan International Lighting Parts City, Guyi Qingfeng LED Lighting Trading City, and Guyi Ruifeng International Lighting Fittings City to create a lighting spectacle spanning nine venues, over 3300 exhibitors, and 1.5 million square meters of exhibition space tailored to diverse sourcing needs.

Upgraded main venue with expanded capacity for more business opportunities

March is the golden season for lighting manufacturers, distributors, and buyers. The 30th GILF is to integrate resources to stimulate market vitality. The main venue has been upgraded and expanded. The renovated and expanded Hall G connects to the existing Halls A, B, C, and D, ensuring a smoother flow of people.

Excellent brands are gathered in theme exhibition areas of the main venue, including over 900 brands with design innovation and engineering prowess, heralding the industry's trends. Industry elites, buyers, and designers will be able to harvest diverse business opportunities here.

Full industry chain with one-stop sourcing satisfying diverse procurement needs

Over one hundred thousand trendy and novel products will be presented for one-stop sourcing. The main venue will feature fine-grained lighting industry segments: smart lighting, home decor, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting for cultural and tourism sites, new energy and energy storage, accessories and equipment, as well as niche products for education, healthcare, horticulture, spotlighting the novel "smart+lighting," "low carbon+lighting," "innovative+lighting" models.

Complementary resources fuel industrial integration between Shenzhen and Zhongshan

The construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Corridor is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in 2024, and the Shenzhen-Zhongshan integration has become an important effort in the Guangdong - Hong Kong SAR – Macao SAR Greater Bay Area. The "R&D in Shenzhen + Manufacturing in Zhongshan" model in the lighting industry is also constantly evolving.

Accordingly, the GILF's main venue further expands the space for brands from Shenzhen and Zhongshan to support Zhongshan's lighting industry while attracting more Shenzhen high-tech companies to invest in Zhongshan and cooperate with partners here. As two major LED lighting producers- the two cities will be able to create synergies in branding, ecosystem, R&D, product positioning, channel coverage, etc.

Comprehensive intelligent series and the rise of scenario-based service solutions

With the maturity of the Internet of Things and AI technology, smart lighting is transforming life and work. At the coming edition of the GILF, exhibitors will employ crossover integration and customization to present a full range of intelligent products and application management platforms. They will provide multi-dimensional, real-life demonstrations of core lighting technology and comprehensive intelligent lighting solutions. Through the development and design of intelligent chips and drivers and integration of various control methods such as Bluetooth, voice control, switches, and apps, they will incorporate the concept of healthy lighting, showcasing cutting-edge and diverse intelligent lighting products and technologies.

Setting off anew and striving for the transformation of technological achievements for carbon peaking and neutralization

New energy, new infrastructure, and new growth are leading topics nowadays. Aligning with the national policy for carbon peaking and neutrality policies, the GILF focuses on products for new infrastructure, smart transportation, cultural and tourism sites, new energy, and energy storage -- not just to support the development of smart cities and boost night-time economy, but to drive the steady realization of the carbon peaking and neutrality goals.

The exhibition becomes increasingly attractive to more outdoor lighting and decoration brands utilizing new energy. It has been actively guiding exhibitors to focus on and apply new energy and the combination of night-time economy and lighting products and expand the applications of new energy lighting by creating a dynamic lighting experience area that integrates viewing, entertainment, and interaction.

Leading trends with originality and focusing on specialization and innovation

Upholding support for original design, specialization, and innovation, the coming GILF will spotlight design, workmanship, and functional creativity. The Zhongshan Lighting Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center will set up an onsite counter helping in protecting intellectual property rights. The GILF will fully demonstrate the platform's commitment to "originating from the source, spearheading through innovation, and steadfastly championing originality."

The GILF is also home to numerous "champions" from various specialized fields. Beyond general lighting products, there will be high-power heat dissipation technologies, fire emergency lights, educational lighting, explosion-proof lights, fan lights, and projection lights from powerhouse enterprises in multiple niche areas, showcasing their "specialized and innovative" advantages to global buyers in a vivid and comprehensive manner.

High-level forums + procurement festivals, diverse and exciting activities

Marking the GILF's 30th anniversary, the main and sub-venues will host high-level conferences, themed activities, and promotional festivals, such as "Sourcing Season," "New Trends," "Art Festival," and "live-streaming of sub-venue tours."

At the main venue, public officials, experts, and elites from governmental departments, manufacturers, dealers, research institutes, and universities, as well as global buyers, will explore cutting-edge lighting technologies and market models from the perspectives of specialization, marketization, and internationalization, focusing on industry development trends, technological innovation, and other topics. Together, we will discuss a better future and create a dedicated and interactive platform for industrial innovation, cooperation, and exchange.

During the exhibition, Guzhen will further extend the experience characterized by "watching the exhibition during the day and enjoying the lights at night" with impressive cultural and artistic activities for local citizens and visiting guests. Diverse featured activities will grace the occasion, welcoming guests from all over the world to enjoy the cultural feast of lighting.

After thirty years of striving, we keep forging forward with vigor to gain greater brilliance! The 30th GILF is set to elevate itself in terms of exhibition scale, number and reputation of exhibitors, the number of trade visitors, exhibition services, and market promotion.