National Museum of Korea‘s largest-ever show of national treasures available online as well

By Song Seung-hyun
  • Published : Sept 14, 2020 - 15:12
  • Updated : Sept 14, 2020 - 15:12

Poster for National Museum of Korea‘s largest-ever exhibition show of national treasures online, titled “The New National Treasures of Korea 2017-2019” (National Museum of Korea)

The National Museum of Korea will livestream an online show of its largest-ever exhibition of national treasures at 7 p.m. Tuesday on Naver TV.

“We hope the Naver TV livestream show ‘The New National Treasures of Korea 2017-2019’ can be of great comfort to the people who are suffering due to the coronavirus situation,” an NMK official said in a statement.

“The New National Treasures of Korea” exhibition, jointly organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the NMK, is scheduled to run through Sept. 27 after having opened on July 21.

Less than a month after its opening, on Aug. 16 the NMK went into a shutdown after one of its employees tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The exhibition showcases a total of 196 items, including 83 of the 157 treasures and national treasures newly designated between 2017 and 2019. Some treasures, such as “Portrait of Beauty” by Shin Yun-bok, which was put on show starting Aug. 12, were only shown to the public for four days.

When the possibility arose that the museum may not be able to reopen before the scheduled end date of the exhibition, the National Museum prepared the online exhibition, titled “The New National Treasures of Korea 2017-2019.”

National Museum of Korea curator Kang Kyung-nam and KBS news anchor Yoon In-ku will serve as hosts of the online exhibition, sharing stories behind the national treasures and treasures.

During the livestream, the hosts will accept questions about the exhibition from viewers as well. According to NMK, it has prepared a special quiz session in which the museum will select five people who provided the right answer and send them materials on the special exhibition.

More details about the online exhibition program are provided on NMK’s Naver blog page.

Meanwhile, the museum said it is considering extending the exhibition, originally scheduled to run until Sept. 27, but that no decision has been made yet.

By Song Seung-hyun (