Military to improve security system along eastern border after defection case

By Yonhap
  • Published : Jan 26, 2021 - 11:06
  • Updated : Jan 26, 2021 - 11:06

South Korean guard post (Yonhap)
The military will take additional steps to improve the security system along the eastern section of the inter-Korean border this year following a recent unhindered border crossing case by a North Korean, officials said Tuesday.

In November last year, the North Korean civilian crossed the border in the town of Goseong into the South undeterred in a suspected defection attempt. Malfunction of sensors installed at the fences and other loopholes in the military's scientific security system were blamed for the security breach.

"We've taken steps to fix problems in the border surveillance system since the incident occurred, and will continue to take necessary measures," a military official said.

The planned measures include the installation of additional surveillance cameras and replacing decrepit sensor parts, which will cost around 5 billion won ($4.5 million), the official added.

"We are to open a bid next month to select companies, and plan to complete the work within this year," another official said.

When the man climbed over the fences, the sensors installed failed to sound the alarm. He was found around 1.5 kilometers south of the fences after around 14 hours. (Yonhap)