Princess Deokon font to commemorate Hangeul Day

By Kim Hae-yeon
  • Published : Oct 6, 2021 - 17:13
  • Updated : Oct 6, 2021 - 17:28

An excerpt from Princess Deokon’s translation of “Jagyeongjeonki." (National Hangeul Museum)
To celebrate Hangeul Day, the newly created Princess Deokon Font, will be released free of charge on Friday, according to the National Hangeul Museum.

The font is based on Princess Deokon’s handwritten Hangeul translation of “Jagyeongjeonki,” a book originally written by King Sunjo in Chinese characters.

Princess Deokon (1822-1844) was the last princess of Joseon and the youngest daughter of King Sunjo -- the 23rd king of Joseon -- and Queen Sunwon. It is said that Queen Sunwon had asked her daughter to translate the book, an anecdote about the relationship between King Sunjo’s father and grandmother, as part of lessons on filial duty.

The Princess Deokon Font consists of two types for Hangeul -- vertical and horizontal.

The font is also available in 94 Latin alphabet letters and 986 special characters.
Princess Deokon Font in Hangeul and in Latin alphabet letters (National Hangeul Museum)
“The vertical type is made as close as possible to the original shape of Princess Deokon’s writing, so it might be difficult for the public to read. That is why we made a separate horizontal type, modified to suit the needs of users today,” an official from the National Hangeul Museum told The Korea Herald on Wednesday.

The font is distributed for free for use in printing, publishing, and video production.

Related information on the font usage can be found at the museum’s website,, and Princess Deokon Font can be downloaded starting Friday at